Kapital OX Rain CAMO EAST REMAIR MAN Pants - RCM Camo Green

$679.00 USD
By Kapital


Track pants made of oxford fabric with a camouflage pattern like pouring rain. Basically, it is a sharp silhouette with a hem squeezed with an elastic band, and if you remove the rubber band, you can change it to a wide silhouette. Large zip pockets are attached to both hems, and you can store elastic bands inside.

※This product is processed second-hand. The tear and damage caused by processing is the intention of the design, not the product defect. It expresses changes due to changes over time, so you may see weaknesses in the fabric, etc.

※Due to the characteristics of the design, this product is partially cut off. There are cases where thread fraying can be seen in the fiber part, but it is the intention of the design and it is not a product defect.

※The print is not permanent. It may peel off due to friction or washing.

Cotton 100%

Rubber tape Cotton 80% Polyester 15% Polyurethane 5%