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BEAMS PLUS / 14 gauge raglan sleeve knit polo shirt-Navy

$197.00 USD

- : Length 62/Width 49/Ski 80
M : Length 67/Width 53.5/Ski 83
L : Length 69.5/Width 55.5/Ski 86
XL : Length 74/ Width 59/ Snow 87.5

A knit polo shirt that is useful for many seasons
A <BEAMS PLUS> knit polo shirt featuring a wide-pitch striped pattern. The raglan sleeves and long collar design are accents. Not only can it be worn alone, but it can also be worn as an inner layer for a jacket or blouson.

Clean, regular fit that goes well with a wide range of sizes.

A knitted material made of 100% hard-twisted cotton and knitted with 14 gauge 60 twin yarn. By using fine-count cotton thread, it has just the right weight and firmness to make it easy to wear during the change of seasons.

* "G" "Gauge" is a unit that represents the density of needles in knitting machines (machines that knit fabric).
It shows how many knitting needles there are in 1 inch (approximately 2.54 cm). For 7 gauge knitting, there are 7 needles spaced 1 inch apart.
In general, the lower the gauge, the thicker the yarn, and the warmer and heavier the product itself. If the gauge is high, the yarn will be thinner and the fabric will be light and supple.

Model: H 177cm W 68kg Size: M

*The color of the image worn may differ from the actual color depending on the lighting and viewing environment such as your computer. Please refer to the image taken of the product alone for the color tone of the product.
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