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BEAMS PLUS / 5 Gauge Multi Horizontal Stripe Crew Neck Knit-MULTI23F

$230.00 USD

S : Length 60.5/ Width 51/ Snow 79.5
M : Length 66/Width 54/Ski 82
L : Length 69/Width 57/Ski 84.5
XL : Length 71.5/Width 60/Ski 87

Knits in light colors

<BEAMS PLUS> crew neck knit with a soft multi-colored color scheme that catches the eye. Elbow patches are placed on the elbows to accent the design.

■Size The
pattern has a basic and timeless standard size, and is also useful for layered styles.

Uses 5 gauge Shetland wool with a weighty feel that is useful in the fall and winter seasons. The fabric is knitted with single ridge knitting and has a fluffy texture.

Model: H 178cm W 63kg Size: M
Model: H 177cm W 68kg Size: M

*The color tone may differ from the actual color depending on the lighting conditions of the shooting environment and the viewing environment of your computer. Please note. Please refer to the image taken of the product alone on a white background for the color tone of the product.

* "G" "Gauge" is a unit that represents the density of needles in knitting machines (machines that knit fabric).
It shows how many knitting needles there are in 1 inch (approximately 2.54 cm). (For a 7 gauge knit, seven needles are set 1 inch apart.)
Generally speaking, the lower the gauge, the thicker the yarn, making the product warmer and heavier. If the gauge is high, the yarn will be thinner and the fabric will be light and supple.

Fabric thickness: Slightly thin
Transparency: None
Elasticity: Slightly
glossy: None
Lining: None

[Staff review]

Staff: Yasushi Kawashima

Height: 175cm / Usual size: M / Wearing size: M
Size feeling: Slightly loose Regular size
Material texture: The fabric is thick but light
Points: Good coloring and distinctive elbow patch design

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