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Beams Plus Mohair Check Pullover Knit Vest - Grey

$192.00 USD

Item description
Knit vest with a soft expression
<BEAMS PLUS> knit vest with the motif of a 1960s vintage knit vest. It is a pullover specification with a wide pitch check pattern as an accent.

It is a basic and standard size that does not get tired, and it is a pattern that is also active in layered styles.

It is knitted with 9-gauge double jacquard using very rare kidmohair mixed yarn that can be taken from young goats (angora goats) less than 1 year old. The brushed surface is applied to give a soft impression, bringing out the warmth.

※ "G" "gauge" is a unit that represents the density of the needle in a knitting machine (a machine for knitting fabric).
It shows how many knitting needles are between 1 inch (about 2.54 cm). In the case of a 7-gauge knit, it means that there are 7 needles between 1 inch.
In general, if the number of gauges is low, the yarn will be thicker, and the product itself will be warm and the weight will be solid. If the number of gauges is high, the yarn will become thinner and finished in a light and supple fabric.

Model: H178cm W63kg Size: M

※Depending on the light hit by the shooting environment and the browsing environment such as a computer, it may look different from the actual color tone. Please understand in advance. For the color tone of the product, please refer to the image taken with the white background product alone.

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