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BEAMS PLUS / 3 Gauge Intarsia Crew Neck Knit-Brown

$255.00 USD

S : Length 65/Shoulder width 43/Body width 50/Sleeve length 59
M : Length 68/Shoulder width 46/Body width 53/Sleeve length 60
L : Length 71/Shoulder width 49/Body width 56/Sleeve length 61
XL : Length 74/Shoulder width 52/Body width 59/Sleeve length 62

Expressing a warm and pastoral pattern with knitting
Classic BEAMS PLUS crew knit with an impressive large knitted pattern, with an outdoor theme. The beautiful knitted fabric and intarsia knitting with clear contrast are attractive.

Uses a relaxed pattern with a relaxed body width and armholes. The rib tension at the cuffs and hem is set to a low level.

Uses 3 gauge Shetland wool with a weighty feel. An attractive knit with a warm and rustic atmosphere.

* "G" "Gauge" is a unit that represents the density of needles in knitting machines (machines that knit fabric).
It shows how many knitting needles there are in one inch (approximately 2.54 cm).
 For a 7 gauge knit, there are 7 needles spaced 1 inch apart.
Generally speaking, if the gauge number is low, the yarn will be thicker and the product itself will be warm and have a firm weight, while if the gauge number is high, the yarn will be thinner and the fabric will be light and supple.

Model: H178cm W63kg Size: M

*The color tone may differ from the actual color depending on the lighting conditions of the shooting environment and the viewing environment of your computer. Please note. Please refer to the image taken of the product alone on a white background for the color tone of the product.

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