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FrizmWORKS - Pigment Dyeing Mil Sweatshirt - Purple

$150.00 USD

It's a sweater made of heavy weight fabric with a moderate weight of about 820g per YD.After refining (removing impurities) at a temperature between 70°C and 80°C, the fabric is fixed at 190°C to 200°C and set so that it does not decrease any more.This minimizes wrinkles or distortions that can occur during dyeing, enables stable work, and naturally shows vintage colors, the biggest attraction of pigment dying products, due to several washing processes.The flight pocket of the air jumper was placed to give detailed points, and incision details were added everywhere to further emphasize the washing feeling of the pigment washing.It's a moderately loose size, so the size is set to facilitate both single and layered.
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