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Kapital KOUNTRY 12.5oz Denim 5P RAT Flare Pants(Crazy Papillon) - INDIGO X PINK

$1,310.00 USD

Brand Kapital
※ Because of the remake product, there is individual difference.
※There is individual difference in condition of the dyeing, cloth, thread using some.(Color pattern designation is not possible )
※This product uses IDG dye.Color may adhere to other clothing by wearing.
※This product is subjected to used processing.Breakage and damage due to processing is the intention of the design, not a product defect.In addition, as I reproduce the change by aging, weakness may be seen in the fabric etc.
※This product gives embroidery to cloth.As an embroidery part may be damaged by friction, a hook, etc., please be careful about the handling.

100% cotton%
Cloth part 100 cotton%
Use of cowhide
For any measurements or sizing information please contact