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Needles - Track Pant - Poly Smooth - Ivy

$136.50 USD

Brand Needles
<NEEDLES> The classic track pants are now available in new colors for the 23rd fall/winter season. This season, it is released in all three chic colors. This highly comfortable item is made from polyester jersey material that is highly stretchable and breathable. With its unique color scheme and embroidery design, it has a gorgeous fashion sense that sets it apart from regular sportswear. The most orthodox slightly wide straight silhouette.

XS: Waist 68cm / Total length 104cm / Hem width 23cm
S: Waist 74cm / Total length 106cm / Hem width 24cm
M: Waist 80cm / Total length 108cm / Hem width 25cm
L: Waist 86cm / Total length 110cm / Hem width 26cm
1: Waist 62cm / Total length 99cm / Hem width 21cm
2: Waist 65cm / Total length 101cm / Hem width 22cm

100% polyester%
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