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Porter-Yoshida & Co. FORCE 2-WAY DUFFLE BAG - BLACK

$504.00 USD

It is a 2 WAY duffle bag of the casual series "FORCE" of military taste, with the motif of accidental fabric color occasionally seen in military goods as a motif. It is the biggest feature that makes a subtle color difference in the fabric of the front pocket and the fabric of the bag and shows it as using the fabric of the lot difference. In front of the bag is equipped with three zippered pockets with gusset, it is convenient for storing accessory tools frequently used such as pass cases and wallets. In the main room, you can arrange hanging pockets and a large Velcro pocket that are perfect for storage of smartphones and digital cameras, making it possible to subdivide firmly the items you want to separate. In addition, because it also has key hooks, you can manage subdivisions according to your style.

Made in Japan

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