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Porter-Yoshida & Co. FORCE 3-WAY BRIEF CASE - BLACK

$657.00 USD

Yoshida & Co. has been manufacturing bags with a commitment to ""Japan Made"" ever since its establishment in 1951. Porter, branded in 1962, is the main brand of Yoshida & Co., Ltd. The name of the brand is taken from a ""porter"" who carries bags in a hotel. The founder Kichizo Yoshida's philosophy ""One stitch all soul"" has become their corporate motto. It describes the dedication to excellence in every stage of the manufacturing process, from design and material selection, to sewing. Force is a series with a military touch and a motif of coincidental color differences seen on military items. This feature is a slight color irregularity between a front pocket and a body, to create a look of various lots. In dyeing process, there are some color differences for each lot of fabric. To avoid the color variety among parts, it is normal to make one product from a same lot. However, for military clothing and bags, some items are occasionally created with parts that have color differences. This series is made on purpose to express the coincidental color irregularity of these items. Industrial material is used for outer material, which is made of 210 denier 6 nylon high tenacity yarns. This material is usually used as a foundation material of rubber boats, etc. Therefore, unlike regular materials for clothing and bags, it is not produced to be dyed but Porter dye it on purpose to create a unique shiny texture and vertical lines for a military touch. With an image of a military jacket lining, the quilted ripstop nylon in orange is used for the lining. The 3 Way Briefcase comes with a removable pocket that can be used as a laptop sleeve. Made in Japan
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