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Needles - Work Shirt - C/L/W Pin Stripe Twill - Brown

$146.00 USD

Brand Needles
An authentic style work shirt with a simple design and many highly practical details, such as triple stitch stitching, buttons, and gusset specifications. The pinstripe twill material makes a subtle statement, giving it a workwear-like look. A butterfly embroidery is accented on the left chest.

XS) Length 75.5cm Width 57cm Shoulder width 44cm Sleeve length 84.5cm
S) Length 77.5cm Width 60cm Shoulder width 46cm Sleeve length 86.5m
M) Length 79.5cm Width 62cm Shoulder width 48cm Sleeve length 88.5cm
L) Length 81.5cm Width 65cm Shoulder width 50cm Sleeve length 90.5cm

57% cotton, 29% linen, 14% wool
made in Japan
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