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Snow Peak Field Toe Shoes - Ivory

$245.00 USD

Brand Snow Peak

Field toe shoes that you can wear smartly in town or on the field. The rounded toe and ribbons are reminiscent of ballet shoes, and the casual yet feminine design is attractive. In addition to the simple design and lightness that are easy for women to pick up, these shoes are also waterproof, which is a must-have for outdoor activities. It is characterized by the ease of putting on and taking off your feet without bending over, and this point is maximized when entering and exiting a tent with a narrow frontage such as a solo tent. The entire upper is made of lamb leather that is very soft to the touch and comfortable to wear, and the leather is dyed to be waterproof, so you can rest assured even in light rain or water. The rubber sole is made by "vibram" and has a grip that firmly grips the ground when walking. In addition, the rubber is integrated to the toe cap, so you can rest assured that it will not get wet. Available in two basic colors: black and ivory. In camping style, you can enjoy original styling by combining colorful socks.

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