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Snow Peak Printed Insect Shield Mesh Jacket - Grey

$132.48 USD

Brand Snow Peak

Snow Peak's summer outerwear is insect-proof and rich in fashion. It is worn coolly, and the necessary functions are firmly installed.

Snow Peak's summer classic "Insect Shield" series is overwhelmingly breathable due to its mesh material. This is a print design that looks like projecting the trees of the forest as they are. All materials are made of 100% recycled polyester. Insect shield processing, which has been adopted by the U.S. Army, gives insect repellent while being a mesh ground, and it is effective in camping and trekking that comes in touch with nature. It is widely available in the series, from outerwear to daily wear and goods, and it is attractive that there are plenty of designs. Two colors are available, khaki and gray, and are available in a wide variety of unisex sizes. In addition to this print type, we also have a lineup of plain color. It is a zip-up jacket that can be tightly covered from the face to the back of the hand with a zipper closed to the hood top and a thumb hole in the cuffs. The hem can be squeezed and adjustable by squeezing the cord, and it has been updated so that you can wear it cooler by increasing the mesh area than the conventional type. There is a large zipper pocket at the chest that is excellent in convenience, and the shoulders that are easy to rub with a backpack and the elbows that are hard are reinforced with layers of fabric. The moderately assertive design is also active as a camp style accent. It is convenient to have it in a set with pants from the same series.

Transparency: Yes
Lining: None
Elasticity: None
Glossiness: Somewhat
Fabric thickness: thin

■Model height 170cm (wearing Grey) / Wearing size M
■Model height 157cm (wearing Khaki) / Wearing size M

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