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TOTEM by Nicolai Wool Socks - Sunflowers

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We are excited to launch our Totem socks! These super thick socks are made with wool and extremely warm. Perfect to wear around the home on those chilly days. These socks make the perfect gift too! Made in Dorna, the Vermont of Romania. Colder the source, warmer the hearts!

60% Wool / 40% Elastane

Made in Romania.

Merino Wool is moisture wicking, making it the best material for socks

Moisture Wicking

As your body heats, wool absorbs moisture before it turns into sweat on your skin, and releases it, leaving you dry. In reverse, outside moisture is captured before it touches your skin. Meanwhile, cotton is like a sponge.

Merino wool socks are thermoregulating


There is a natural crimp in wool fiber that provides pockets of insulation — holding and releasing heat dependent on what the body is doing. Think of it like an insulted mug that  maintains cold or hear. Synthetics can mimic but not replicate this behavior.

Merino wool socks are odor resistant, making them the best wool socks

Odor Resistant

Odor resistance is unique to wool. The chemical structure stops sweat and bacteria build-up. So go ahead and take a whiff. It's not impossible to stink up, but it naturally repels odor to the point you can wear them for multiple days before offending.

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