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Higonokami Bell Folder

$20.00 USD

Higonokami pocket knives: the Samuari pocket knife

A Higonokami is a Japanese pocket knife model that has been produced since 1896 and honours the legacy of the Samurai. When the Samurai were relieved of their function the blacksmiths started making, amongst others, Higonokami knives.

The name Higonokami is a combination of “Higo no Kami” which means “lord of Higo” in Japanese. An honorary title for Samurai from the Higo region in Japan and also the place where the knives come from. The fact that the Higonokami is deeply rooted in the Japanese Samurai tradition becomes even more clear when you witness the knives for the first time: they are razor, razor-sharp.

The Samurai icon

Some Higonokami manufacturers use an icon of a Samurai on the handle. This icon represents Miyamoto Musashi, a legendary Samurai who never lost a duel. With it the strong historic relation with the Samurai is once again emphasized.


  • 2" closed. 1.5" SK5 carbon steel blade. Brass handle. Extended tang. HRC 60. Lanyard with bell. 
  • 0.05lbs
  • Made in Japan

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