Juniper Ridge - SIERRA FOREST - Essential Oil Candle - 7oz.

$28.00 USD

Our Sierra Forest Essential Oil Candle illuminates your space with scents from the Yosemite Valley floor to the shores of Lake Tahoe. Be transported to the tree lined vistas of California’s iconic Sierra Nevada Mountains, where pine, fir, and cedar trees grow tall across the steep range.

These Essential Oil Candles are hand poured in our Oakland, CA workshop using pure domestically sourced soy wax and a natural cotton wick. Crafted with clean, natural ingredients and scented with our signature steam-distilled essential oils, our candles are a clean and cozy way to bring the outdoors into your home.

Size: 7 Oz

Geography: Mountain

Scent Notes: Spicy Resin, Fresh Evergreen Needles, Crisp Mountain Air