Karhu Fusion 2.0 - True Navy/ Night Sky

$75.00 USD $150.00 USD
By Karhu


This October, KARHU looks to the skies with their second drop from the new Polar Night pack. Inspiration for this assortment comes from regions in the far north where autumn signifies the beginning of a six-month period during which the sun never rises.

It is in these areas closest to the North Pole where night lasts the longest and every ounce of sunshine is cherished. During the season of predominant darkness, sunlight—no matter how brief—breeds both hope and positivity. It provides an instant mood boost and serves as a reminder that brighter days are on the horizon. As such, inhabitants of these northern regions keep their eyes on the skies in hopes of catching a glimpse of sunshine and experiencing polar delight.  

The Fusion 2.0 is a salute to the original Karhu ‘fusion’ model from 1996 when it was the top running shoe in the collection. To bring back the ‘fusion’ from the archives, Karhu reworked the model with its original designer and launched it as the Fusion 2.0.

- Leather and suede overlays
- Open mesh
- Lycra
- Rope laces
- Pull tab
- Reflective details
- Speckled midsole