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Post O'Alls Army Pants : Vintage Satin - Olive

$189.00 USD

These pants are a set-up of the 1204 Army Shirt, which was issued to the US Army from the 1910s to the 1930s.

Like the 1105 NAVY Parka and 1204 ARMY Shirt, this model was also unknown, so it was released in a form that was almost faithful to the original. These work pants are lighter than painter pants and have a slightly thicker fit.

Vintage US ARMY Classic.

Faithfully recreated in 1993 as they were anonymous back then. Our ARMY Pants is a good marriage of better original details and our time-proven fit .

Quality : 100% cotton

Pre-washed, Tumble Dried in low temperature

Made in Japan

size waist rise inseam hem width
S 81cm 31.1cm 78.5cm 21.5cm
M 87cm 31.7cm 78.5cm 22.5cm
L 93cm 32.3cm 78.5cm 23.5cm
XL 98cm 32.9cm 78.5cm 24.5cm
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