$92.00 USD


  • 8/- Indigo rope-dyed yarn
  • 8/- Black sulfur rope-dyed yarn
  • Samurai guarantee ticket
  • Samurai tag
  • Samurai upper label
  • One wash
  • Made in Japan 
  • Note: no red tab


A 100% cotton knit cap is made with indigo and black rope-dyed yarn. Fully washable,  and with a silhouette that is neither too shallow, nor too deep, this knit cap can be worn year round, regardless of the season. Because this cap is knit with rope-dyed yarn, the color will slowly come off of the threads themselves so you can look forward to and enjoy this cool aging effect. This product has been one-washed. 

Note: This product uses dark indigo yarn so there is a possibility that the color may fade or transfer if the fabric gets wet due to sweat or rain. Also be aware that there may be some dye transfer to other garments if the cap is rubbed strongly against them.